Parking Access Solution for Residential & Commercial

Filtering all the outsider effectively at the guard house is essential to minimize security threats in your building.

Why Barrier Gate System?

Barrier gates provide security and control for parking lots in your premises. Residents no more hassle of finding a parking spot when going home.

Our Solution

Enjoy the convenient of going in faster

With XClone UHF Long-range reader, no more stopping your car and get your hand wet while winding down window to flash card on a rainy day.

Outsiders unable to clone your access card

Normal access cards can be easily cloned to cheat your guard house. Our Anti-clone access card has 2nd levels of encryption which makes it difficult to copy the same card number.

No more interference for smoother reading

XClone reader only read XClone’s UHF access card. Therefore, you no longer have to worry about any interference issues from other UHF cards or stickers such as Touch ‘N Go RFID.

Avoid arm hitting a car or a people's head

Radar Vehicle Detector help to prevent the gates from closing too soon. When the barrier arm is descending, Radar Vehicle Detector will trigger the arm to auto-reverse if it detects another vehicle entering to avoid hitting it.

Site Installation

Before After
Before After

For Gated & Guarded Communities

XClone UHF Long-range Barrier Gate System

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