Guard Tour System

Originally from China, V1 Guard Tour System is one of the most popular product in Year 2014. This market has spread all over the world with many customers and distributors home and abroad including USA, Canada, Turkey, France, Spain, Russia, Malaysia, Thailand etc.

The Simple, Proven Step-by-step System

Monitor your security staff performance and improve the overall services you hire.

Step 1

To start a tour, the guard just needs to take the RFID V1 Guard Tour Reader and touch at each designated “Check Point” located throughout the premises.

Step 2

The reader records the check point code number with date and time as when it touches the check point.

Step 3

Data recorded in the reader is then transferred to a computer by connecting the reader with PC via USB cable.

Step 4

The patrol data in the reader will be sent to platform for processing and generate reports.


The Guard Tour Reader is designed with waterproof / IP67 totally sealed by epoxy resin.

Impact Record

Once security officer dropped the devices on purpose, it will generate an impact record and push to supervisor's phone.

Low Power Record

When the power is low, the light will flash yellow to remind guard to charge on time.

Go Digital - Online Guard Patrol Platform

RFID V1 Guard Tour System is user-friendly solution. Supervisors can monitor the patrol report virtually.

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Guard Tour System

A complete Guard Tour System with checkpoint and installation
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