The access control system is one of the important parts of commercial and residential building to manage user security door access permission.

Why Door Access System?

Door Access System provides security by giving flexible control over whom and when persons are authorized to enter the premises.

Real-time Transaction Feature

The system has a real-time monitoring function that allows you to track the entry and exit record when someone flashes a card to the reader.


Anti-PassBack is a feature in our access control software that can be used to make sure people scan in and out of your building in that order.

False Alarm System

The intrusion alarm system can be used in conjunction with CCTV monitoring system. It can interface with the access control system of electric locks.

Bomba Regulation Approved

The Exit Break Glass is designed for use in fire detection systems with a central control monitor. It provides a quick method of escape or evacuation that still maintains your security.

Commercial & Residential

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